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Pavlov News

PAVLOV 1.1.2 Now Available

(30 Jun 04) Download the latest version of Pavlov and enjoy -- it's FREE SOFTWARE. New features include:

If you murder a test using Pavlov, please drop us a note! If you like the program, please rate it at freshmeat.net.

165,000 Language Questions Now Available

The Pavlov Project, with help from The JDict project and the European software company Majstro Aplikajoj, is pleased to provide a set of huge language learning question books. These books are "bidirectional," so that, for example, the "English/French" book could be used by an English speaker to learn French or a French speaker to learn English. The files can be downloaded at the Pavlov Project Page.

A much larger set of books should be available in September 2004. All books are in XML/Unicode format and are distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Where's The Project Manager?

The Pavlov Project Manager, T.J. Willis, will be in Alaska, probably completely cut off from the Internet during July and August 2004. Direct emails will almost certainly not be answered during this time. Questions may be sent to the Pavlov Developer's Mailing List pavlov-devel@lists.sourceforge.net.

Pavlov User Exchange Online

(27 May 04) We've hacked together a facility to allow users to exchange books, themes, skins, quiz export templates, and velocity feedback pluglets using sourceforge's "Patch" facility. Look for the "Pavlov Exchange" links on the navigation bar to the left for direct links.

Coding Conventions and Developer Info Online

(17 Mar 04) A document for developers discussing tools, coding conventions, and best practices is now available on the Pavlov site.

Pavlov 1.0 Tutorial is Online

(18 Feb 04) Want to check out how it works before you download it? Have you used it and want to explore the advanced features? Check out our virtual tour.

BEE Editor Beta Release

BEE Logo (16 Feb 04) BEE is a tool to easily and efficiently create questions for Pavlov and store them in the framework of books and chapters provided by the Pavlov Book XML Document Type Definition. The best thing is that you don't have to know anything about XML to use BEE!

Of course, as an open standard, you can use any sort of XML editor you want (even WordPad in Windows, if you really want) to edit Pavlov Book files. But BEE is specially designed to let you spend less time editing and more time learning (or making your victims learn).

BEE Editor Tutorial

(8 Feb 04) Take a virtual tour of the BEE Editor Preview Release online. Available HTML format.

PAVLOV 1.1B1 API Documentation Online

(17 May 04) Pavlov is not just a program, it's software. If you're a Java developer and you want to do some of the things Pavlov does in your own program, you can use the Application Programmer's Interface in your own programs under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Note that the API docs are linked to the 1.1B1 source code: click a method name to see the source code.

How To Write Velocity Pluglets

(18 May 04) The soup-to-nuts guide on how to write a Velocity Pluglet for Pavlov. If you can write a HTML page, you can write a Pluglet, and customize the bejesus out of your learning experience.